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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Book Ghostwriter

Book Ghostwriter

Book ghostwriter


Hire a Book Ghostwriter!

Hi, are you intrigued by ghostwriting? Do you wonder what it's all about, being a book ghostwriter? Have you looked into it at all? If you have, you have surely seen the various forms of attacking the profession, which range from "Ghostwriters are outright crooks" to "You can write your own book, you don't need a ghostwriter," and "Ghostwriters are a N---r" and other unbelievable character disparagements of the like.
Nothing could be further from the Truth. It's an honorable profession, one which only former freelance writers or contracted ones with firms, organizations, companies and individuals should ever pursue. It takes real freelance writing skills, gleaned over time from multiple writing efforts, to be able to slip into a book author's "voice" and handle writing in their personal style and essence. It's a hard job in the sophisticated writing and editing world.
Publishers often hire a book ghostwriter to work on their inhouse projects, and to accommodate incoming book author clients. So many ghosts nowadays only edit books as they show up on a publisher's lists. These ghosts don't necessarily make a lot of money, as most of the profits go to the publisher and then the book author, after the subtraction of publishing and distribution costs. They may make an annual salary sometimes, or just be paid per book project. But really, the better money is in more direct work.
When I team up with a new book author client, I expect to do far more than the churn 'em out, grunt style work expected of ghosts in the commercial publishing houses. I take my time with each new author, guiding them through the entire series of procedures involved in the creation, writing, rewriting, editing, formatting and final proofreading of a professionally created book manuscript. I don't hold back and I give it my all, every time. GWI, in the case of each of our ghostwriters, editors and marketers does the same: gives you our finest, most polished work each time you hire us for your project. ecstatic that you came to GWI, the former Rainbow Writing, Inc. (legendary on the Internet for its Name Ghostwriting Services)! We can offer some lesser budget book authors our student editors, or other upcoming luminous talent, and also Amazon and NYT bestselling ghostwriters, depending on your desires, requirements and overall budgets. We will not hurt your feelings; we will be straightforward and honest with you every time. But we cannot create a decent, professional book manuscript without adequate, upfront compensation for our hard work as experienced ghostwriters. A book project may take up to six months to a year to complete, for example, depending on various unique reasons.
GWI is a book ghostwriter company primarily. We do other forms of freelance writing, ghostwriting and editing. But mainly, we like to see a manuscript "get legs" and walk out of here with fascinating new ideas and plans, making its real author storm the book world and come out of the project with numerous resources to follow and a new career as a published author, listed on Amazon and the New York Times bestseller lists, after a GWI NYT best selling ghost writer "has their way" with the author's book! 
LOL, I mean the author's way, of course - YOU get to keep all copyrights and first rights regarding your own unique materials, and anything original that the book ghostwriter adds to them. But since you don't have the time or the highly professional writing or editing skills needed for your project, one of our GWI ghostwriters will assist you instead. And we can assist you in getting your newly published book marketed as well. We can even land you a self, independent, boutique or best of all, a commercial publisher - who gives you a sizeable ADVANCE! We have experts on our team who handle that, such as Bonnie, who once landed a $75,000 USD advance for a book that was published right away.
Email me right away, when you're done with this!

See what you think of our special ghost writing services. We tailor everything to fit your individual needs, as long as you make reasonable requests. We will be timely, honest and professional with you every time. Hire a book ghostwriter through Ghost Writer, Inc. today! 

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