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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Book Review: The Rainbow Horizon - A Tale of Goofy Chaos by Karen S. Cole, Review by Linda Leon

A journey into life and all its quirks and humor, August 19, 2015
This review is about: The Rainbow Horizon: A Tale of Goofy Chaos (Paperback)
You can find the review on Amazon, on the page for "The Rainbow Horizon: A Tale of Goofy Chaos" - Linda's Book Review

Book Ghostwriter Karen S. Cole
"The Rainbow Horizon" is a well-written book by an author with an admirable sense of humor. Karen S. Cole takes on everyday life, distorting it humorously in a fashion similar to Seinfeld. You never know what to expect from page to page!

It is full of riveting, wonderfully worded adventures from four funny-faced friends (and a splendid, widely diverse cast of dozens) throughout their remarkably original journeys in Life. It sports a multicultural host of characters, at a variety of ages, sexual orientations and work venues. You will actually feel what it's like to live in their shoes in a small farming town within the ever-widening boundaries of the beautiful, thoroughly described and culturally new Pacific Northwest.

Karen writes on things everyone can relate to - being healthy, dealing with sickness, job security, dreams we encounter and how people relate to each other in the humdrum backwaters of Reality stretched with Meaning. Then there are the ongoing relationship issues - displayed in depth about love and human sexualtiy. It's an adult book, but suitable for ages 16 and up, no overt sex herein.

This is a little slice of Heaven, all good dreamings you can think of in this colorful book; it takes on the left and right wings of politics, sans showing any "sideism" or unneeded mercy. It is deeply satirical, in a highly prose-worthy style - ample food for thought - containing uniquely crafted, newly terse words that have the potential to stir every kind, sort and type of human (or even cat!) emotions.

If you love reading books that go completely beyond the ordinary and take you on a whimsical journey to faraway, yet accessible places - get a cup of herbal tea, throw a few logs on the fire or turn up your furnace, and snuggle up.

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