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Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Chronicles of Ara has been signed by Ovation TV

Stephen Hillard and Joel Eisenberg Series On TV

~~Incorgnito Publishing Press wants to thank you. As a colleague or personal friend of co-author Joel Eisenberg or Stephen Hillard, we are grateful to announce to you that "The Chronicles of Ara," Joel and Steve's 8-book fantasy saga, has been signed to a television deal by Ovation TV, America's premiere arts network.

We are proud that "The Chronicles of Ara" has shattered many glass ceilings in the publishing business, most especially that the series is the first time in publishing history that an independent, print-on-demand book has made such a straight-to-network deal.

To commemorate this news, Incorgnito Publishing Press has printed a limited-edition (1000 copies only) collector's item hardcover of "The Chronicles of Ara Volume One: Creation." Once these are gone, they will not be reprinted again.

First-edition copies of "The Chronicles of Ara" have sold online for as high as $2000. Our new, official collector's copies are now being sold for $40 for a limited time, and are signed by authors Stephen Hillard and Joel Eisenberg. If you are interested in purchasing this exclusive hardcover collector's item, please do so below.

   Get Your Limited Edition, Collector's Copy Here

We appreciate you, and we thank you for your support. Remember, in the world of business, as in publishing, nothing is impossible.

 Michael Conant, Publisher

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