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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Book Ghost Writer or Book Ghostwriter - which spelling is right?

Book Ghost Writer or Book Ghostwriter?

By Karen S. Cole | March 12, 2016

book ghost writer
Have you noticed that ghost writer is also spelled ghostwriter? Either spelling is equally appropriate. However, author clients seem to prefer the use of ghost writer, especially when it comes to the phrase book ghost writer. For some reason, major search engines are finding that people type in that phrase more often than book ghostwriter.

I am trying to move up under the terms: ghostwriting services, ghostwriting service, ghost writing services and ghost writing service. What are Ghostwriting Services, you may ask? Well, GWI has your individual, bestselling, midrange or student book ghost writer, and the only catch is that we offer you a plethora of related services.

This can run you into under or overspending. So I do my best to guide you through the complex worlds of book ghost writing, literary agents and book publishers, so that you will not overspend. I work with a kind of sliding scale fee arrangement, where those with less money pay less, and those with more pay more. But a lot depends on the search engines.

I would also like to move up under these phrases: ghostwriter services, ghostwriter service, ghost writer services and ghost writer service. I have to be careful about keyword stuffing, as the search engines tend to penalize businesses for that practice. But I get plenty of leads in every day, and now I am running a blue chat balloon window to assist you. Check it out on the main Ghost Writer, Inc. website:

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