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Monday, July 4, 2016

Script Ghost Writers

Ghost Writing Scripts and Films

Published: 04th July 2016

KOCHI: Ghost writers are preferred by people who have ideas but less expertise to write. They are also taken advantage in countries where the freedom of speech is upheld

There are many films, documentary, short films which have become all-time hits because of their scripts. And in a state which churns out large number of script-based works, directors often depend on ghost writers, who are willing to forfeit their credit to someone else.

Script Ghost Writers

Abhay Stephan

D S Sajith who has been into ghost writing for twenty years is one uncredited writer who has authored 48 works, as a script writer in Malayalam movies.

Now, Sajith plans to ditch the role of a ghost writer to pen scripts attaining credit for his works. “I have completed 48 works which I cannot claim as it is accredited to someone. Now I want to make a mark in the film industry. For this, I will continue writing under my own name. I have already signed in for a few films,” he says.

A Malayalam film on Sikhism titled “The Theme with history” is one of Sajith’s notable works. “I link myth, tradition and try to make my script rich in content,” he states.

Sajith’s latest project is a script with a humorous tone. He thinks it is important to be experimental to have a stand in the film industry.

Disheartening work

Sajith believes that though ghost writing is helping writers financially, it is quite disheartening since their work is credited to another. The writeup is submitted to the client within a deadline. “ It is only the money which lures people into ghost writing,” he says. Sajith mentions that his interest lies in directing and writing. However, he decided to ghost write since he wanted financial assistance to start projects of his own. “ When I look back, I realize that my ideas which have been moulded into scripts are incomplete without my name on it. I have been selling the glory that I deserve.” he adds.

Script ghost writers
D S Sajith

Abhay Stephen, a writer of the production house, “Feel Free to Think” opines that ghost writing is not fair. “I believe every artist has to be honoured for his work. When it comes to scripts, we sit together and learn the script as every single member of the crew is aware of the fact that script is what drives a film to its zenith.” Abhay’s crew has won awards for short films Martyr’, ‘Bhodhanam’, ‘Mrithyu’ which were selected in the Lohithadas National short film fest too.

“Being a scriptwriter I enjoy the credits since it is an encouragement to do more,” says Abhay who worked as a theatre artist. He claims that he is well versed in understanding the pulse of the audience. “ If the script is weak, viewers will realize it soon,” he says.

Claiming his own

Rinoy Kalloor, is another scriptwriter and director who has switched from ghost writing to form a production house of his own and has already completed projects under his name. Malayalam short film ‘Novormayude Mathuram,Varam’, musical work ‘Dreams have no end’ are some of his works.

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