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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Did Beanie Sigel ghostwrote for Meek Mill?

Beanie Sigel confirms he ghostwrote for Meek Mill in tense ‘Breakfast Club’ interview

by , Staff Writer  @njvadala
Did Beanie Sigel ghostwrote for Meek Mill?
    Beanie Sigel dropped a new diss track about Meek Mill

The beef between Philadelphia rappers Beanie Sigel and Meek Mill continued Tuesday. Sigel reiterated the claim that he was a ghostwriter on Mill’s recent diss track against The Game.

Sigel appeared on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, where he gave a tense interview with hosts Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy. As Ambrosia For Heads reports, at one point in the interview, Envy asked what hand Sigel had in the creation of last month’s“OOOUUU” remix diss that Mill and fellow Dreamchaser crew member Omelly dropped last month.

“We seen you at the console, and some people assume that you were helping [Mill and Omelly] write raps,” Envy said to Sigel Tuesday. “Did you ghostwrite any of the lyrics?”

Sigel, for his part, confirmed that he wrote “a few” of the track’s lines for both rappers.

Sigel previously revealed his apparent ghostwriting role in a September interview withBaltimore’s 92Q, telling the station that “I just happened to come in the studio, so I just was helping [Mill] out with some lyrics, and the situation kind of played out like it did.” Sigel later added that he didn’t “want to put that out there like that or discredit nobody.”

In Tuesday's interview, Sigel revealed more details about the recording session that lead to “OOOUUU,” noting that Mill wasn’t present, and that he jumped on the track of his own accord. Via BET:

“He didn’t provide me no opportunity. He didn’t call me and ask me to do that. I did that,” he recalled. “I walked into [the studio], Meek wasn’t even there, it was just Omelly in the studio. It wasn’t no call. Somebody told me Lil Top, Meek cousin, ‘Yo, Omelly in the studio they recording something. I go in there, ‘Oh this what y’all doing?’ I wasn’t even going to get on a record. ‘XYZ, nah bro you gotta say this, do this.’ I went and I referenced a track for him.”

Sigel’s ghostwriting on the track, if true, could be particularly damaging for Mill, who initially began his high-profile feud with Drake last year over claims that the Canadian rapper used ghostwriter Quentin Miller for some of his tracks. That feud lead to subsequent beefs with artists like Joe Budden, The Game, and now, Beanie Sigel.

Aside from the Breakfast Club interview, Sigel this week also released a music video for “Gang Gang,” his latest diss track against Mill. Sigel previously released two other diss tracks targeting his fellow Philly rapper: “Goodnight” and “I’m Coming.”

Sigel had been on Mill’s side in the rapper’s feud with The Game, but switched allegiances after he was allegedly attacked by a member of Mill’s entourage at the Bad Boy Reunion Tour at the Wells Fargo Center last month. Mill also mocked Sigel in a recent freestyle on Hot 97.

Mill, meanwhile, has not yet responded to Sigel’s current claims. However, on Instagram on Monday, the rapper posted a photo captioned “Never gossip in interviews…leave dat to them bitter dudes!”

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